I’m hearing a lot of grumblings right now that Republicans in Congress are under a huge amount of pressure and are scrambling to respond to the most recent shootings that have happened and it looks like they’re about to cave. Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or the Red Flag Laws in some states, you’ve heard a lot about them on this channel.

They violate all kinds of constitutional amendments and they are specifically created to be a workaround of due process as it specifically relates to the Second Amendment. Extremist Risk Protection Orders do absolutely nothing that domestic violence restraining orders, in combination with involuntary committal for mental health evaluations, or enforcing laws that are already on the book, do already. They do nothing more than simply removing somebody’s Second Amendment rights without proper Due Process.

Monday, Donald Trump addressed the nation and he was begging for red flag laws in our country. There are already four congressional bills currently in committee looking to pass extreme risk protection orders one was submitted by Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, a second one was submitted by Senator Blumenthal, a Democrat out of Connecticut, a third one was from Republican Marco Rubio out of Florida, and a fourth was by Representative McBath from Georgia.

Currently, 17 states and the District of Columbia have forced red flag laws on their citizens. Now, the second most powerful Republican, Senator John Thune from South Dakota, he had a quote that is very telling he just said, I’m “confident Congress will be able to find common ground on the so-called red flag issues.”

Now Mitch McConnell is getting involved. Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader, the most powerful Republican in Congress, and he has just asked three committee chairmen to “reflect on the subjects the President raised and hold bipartisan talks of potential solutions.” That is code for let’s talk about the extreme risk protection orders!

Reports coming out now of Republicans that are scrambling for meaningful steps towards the issues at hand and that does not look good guys and gals!
Finally, the issue that is going to be very dangerous is the Democrats have demanded that Mitch McConnell call back the Senate from their August break. They are off for six weeks but Democrats are demanding he brings them all back to pass two specific bills. One is HR 8, an expansion of background checks to include internet gun sales and gun show purchases, among other things.
The second is HR 1112, which is being sold as the “Charlestown Loophole Bill”. What that’s specifically looking to do is to delay the amount of time in the NICS checks where somebody might have a delay. The FBI then has three days to complete that background check. This bill will change that to a ten-day window.
Democrats are looking favorable on the fact that Lindsey Graham’s ERPO Bill is getting a lot of traction right now, a lot of
enthusiastic talk that this extreme risk protection order could very well become law.